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Covid-19 Alert Level 2 Update

Corona Virus Decisions: Launching Open. Check in for updates.

Rules for reopening of Licenced Small Vessel Launch-Sites (SVLS)


Please take specific note of the following.  The reopening will be controlled and in line with the guidelines to ensure that the principles below are followed to the fullest extent possible to ensure a safe and secure working environment for our fellow anglers and our employees.The guidelines are in effect until further notice.

 Main principles which must be adhered to by Small Vessel Launch Sites like us:

1. All users must follow the instructions from the Local Authorities/Metros/Municipalities.
2. Social Distancing must be adhered to under all circumstances.
3. All skippers, anglers and employees must be extra cautious about their personal hygiene to reduce the potential risk of infection.
4. Extra cleaning activities must be implemented and prioritized by Skippers using our facilities.
5. In addition, the points below must be taken into consideration when returning to/reopening our launch site or slipway.
6. Adherence to rules will be audited.
7. Non-compliance by individuals could lead to the Local Authorities/Metros/Municipalities closing our launching sites or slipway.
8. No consumption of alcohol will be allowed on our premises under any circumstances.

Distribution of Skippers in the Reporting Office:
• Only 1 (one) skipper will be permitted in the office at a time.
• Hands are to be sanitized immediately upon arrival/access to the office.
• Each angler/skipper must have completed Annexure A -Form 2 Angler Permit to enter the facility and launching/slipway. This is a standing  method of practice (SOP -standard operating procedure) for the duration of Level 3 and Level 2.
• The self-declaration form must be completed and signed by all crew prior to entering the slipway. Log book to be completed before launching. This declaration form and log book entry will be used as a check and balance for compliance purposes. Any boat or crew found to launch without completing this form before launching, or signing out on the logbook will immediately be suspended and launching rights revoked. In event of a suspected or positive test, the Local Authorities/Metros/Municipalities procedures will be followed.

Hygiene measures:

• All staff and visitors must disinfect hands on arrival at the office.
• No visitors to be permitted into the office under any circumstances.
• Only the vessel skippers are permitted access to the office for the purpose of completing the Self-Declaration Form and Log book/Launch register only.
No pens will be supplied or made available by us. Each Skipper must bring his/her own pen.
• All offices and high touch areas to be disinfected.

Skippers, Anglers and Employee Hygiene:
• Enforce rule of no hand shaking
• A hand sanitizing station will be readily and easily available at the counter of the Office.

Launch site or Slipway:
• Social distancing must be observed at all times.
• Nobody may be seen to be loitering around or gathering in social groups at the launch site or slipway itself.
• Skippers are to report to the Office on arrival
• Crew to remain at/on the vessel. No mingling or walking around.
• No unauthorized vehicles permitted in the launch site or designated launch site parking lot.
• All other ‘normal” out of lockdown operating procedures pursuant to the safe running of the
launch site will remain in force during this period.
• These rules and regulations are subject to national regulations and will be amended from time to
• Our slipway will only be opened solely for the purposes of Launching and Beaching small vessels. No
gatherings will be permitted.
• The use of the fish cleaning station and boat wash bay not permitted when coming off the water to avoid crowding. Washing of boats will not be permitted during lockdown levels.

All Charter operators/Charter permit holders will be individually responsible to meet the National
Covid-19 requirements of reopening businesses and trading requirements whilst under lockdown.

Facemasks and face shields:
• All people on our premises, whether staff, contractors, cleaning staff, security personnel, skippers, crew or third party staff are required to wear a face mask or face shields at all times.
• All Skippers will be required to be screened on entering the office by completing the MANDATORY Self-declaration form.
• All Skippers will be required to complete a crew declaration for tracking and tracing purposes before launching.
• Any suspected or positive case of Covid-19 is to be reported to the Office or Covid-19 Compliance Officer immediately, for tracing to begin.